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Our Mission

Applying simple, natural and easy rituals into your daily routine to improve your wellbeing. Using an ancient ingredient known for its incredible medicinal properties, Curcumin to help you radiate your inner glow.

Our Values

• Balance – we believe in a balanced life and allowing for the yin and the yang. And to allow you those guilty pleasures.
• We believe in what you eat is your most powerful tool to transform your health.
• Be patient and kind to yourself.
• Be a force for good - We are purpose-driven and are committed to improving the world and lives around us. We strive to help you live your most healthy, vibrant life, to not damage the planet while doing so, and then to give back to those in need.

About Daily Glow

The Daily Glow is the perfect blend of 3 ingredients to maximise its benefits for your body strengthens the bodies immunity, helps fight infections, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, antidepressant, aids digestion.
It’s not just a supplement.
It’s wellness.
It your daily ritual.
From my family, to yours…

Meet The Founder

Born in London, I have lived across Asia, mainly in Hong Kong for the last 7 years. I have been fortunate to enjoy the experiences and adventures that came with the expat lifestyle while overcoming the challenges that come with settling into a new country and setting up businesses. I'm a city girl and work in the advertising media industry. You can often forget to prioritise and look after your engine… your mind and body. For me it’s about the balance of enjoying those guilty pleasures while taking care of my wellbeing on a daily basis. The yin and the yang. I have always looked for convenient ways to support my health and boost my wellbeing to keep up with the life that I want. I value sleep and am mindful about the food that I eat. Small simple steps and rituals that fit into my lifestyle.

Coming from Indian origins, the concept of rituals has been a part of my life. It helps create structure and therefore stability, and consequently making your life that little bit easier. One of these rituals for my family is taking turmeric every morning to kick start your engine and boost your immune system. This ancient gold dust is scientifically proven for its incredible medicinal properties. And I get asked all the time “how do you use it”? So, I created a ready to serve formula that activates the full benefits of this golden gem and its as simple as 1, 2, 3 – turmeric, honey and pipperine. Covid has impacted the way we live our lives, and the way we do doing things is changing and so are our habits and rituals. I search for ways to apply simple, natural and easy rituals into your daily routine to improve your wellbeing and show your body the most love. And so, I share with you, a secret from my family to yours…. The Daily Glow

Radiate your inner glow….
Daily Glow Rituals, Founder & CEO